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The Cree-Québec Forestry Board (CQFB) is a Québec public administration organization. It was created in 2003, following the signing of the Agreement concerning a new relationship between the Québec Government and the Crees of Québec (Paix des Braves). The parties, who negotiated the Agreement, agreed to the creation of the Board to promote close consultation with the Crees during the various stages of planning and management of forest activities, in order to implement the Adapted Forestry Regime.

The historic Paix des Braves Agreement, signed on February 7, 2002, marks a new era in the relationship between Québec and the Crees. It embodies a common desire to harmoniously manage the natural resources of northern Québec in a manner that respects the Cree way of life and the development of the Cree communities on the territory.

Position: Bilingual Executive Director

The Executive Director carries out his/her duties under the authority of the Chairman of the Board, acts as the administrative head of all operations of the Board Secretariat. He/she is responsible for research activities and partnership development to support the achievement of the Board’s mandates under the terms of the Agreement concerning a new relationship between the Gouvernement du Québec and the Crees of Québec.


The person holding the position of Executive Director has four main functions:

1- Secretary of the Board

  • Attends Board meetings and is responsible for the minutes;
  • Is responsible for keeping the register of Board decisions and any related documentation;
  • Is responsible for planning and organizing Board meetings;
  • Is responsible for transmitting all information and documentation required for Board meetings in accordance with established rules;
  • Leads the activities of the Board administrative committee.

2- Manager responsible for the Secretariat

  • Prepares annual operational planning and budgets which are presented first to the Chairman, then to the members of the Board;
  • Is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Secretariat operations;
  • Oversees the development of files to be presented to Board members;
  • Is responsible for asset management;
  • Is responsible for managing the Board’s contracts and external services, in accordance with established rules;
  • Heads the Secretariat’s weekly Management Meetings;
  • Reports annually on his/her management to the Chairman;
  • Acts as a sustainable development officer.

3- Manager responsible for Human Resources

  • Is responsible for the management of all of the Board Secretariat’s Human resources;
  • Oversees the hiring process according to established rules;
  • Delegates his/her management responsibilities as required;
  • Ensures that each employee has his or her duties properly described and oversees the annual performance appraisal;
  • Ensures the quality of life at work.

4- Manager responsible for activities, analyses, projects of research and partnerships associated with the fulfillment of the Board’s mandates

  • In collaboration with the chairman, defines the approaches and establishes the parameters of the activities, analyses and research projects concerning the sustainable use of resources in the forest environment by including ecological, economic, and social considerations;
  • Identifies needs and priorities and coordinates the conduct of activities, analyses, research projects and documentation work concerning forest management issues in a context of sustainable development and considering the Cree traditional way of life;
  • Fosters the development of partnerships and coordinates the implementation of approaches and tools for consultation, discussion, and cooperation with a variety of stakeholders associated with the implementation of the forestry chapter of the Paix des Braves Agreement;
  • Develops and implements communication strategies and plans to support the fulfillment of the CQFB’s mandates and to share the results of research and interventions with the parties and populations covered by the Agreement as well as other external stakeholders as required.


Executive level

Equivalent: Cadre 3 (according to Québec public service classification)


According to the qualifications and pay scales indicated on the Conseil du trésor (Gouvernement du Québec) website. For example, the salary range is from $98, 105 (bottom of the scale) to $125, 574 (top of the scale) as at April 21, 2019. The remuneration awarded will be increased to compensate for certain Québec public service social benefits.

Skills sought:

The capabilities and knowledge required for this post include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Preference will be given to candidates who hold a university degree in forestry, biology, environment, administration or any other field of expertise relevant to the organization’s mandate; however, a candidate with a college diploma and with appropriate knowledge and experience deemed relevant may be considered;
  • Have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in a similar post or other relevant post;
  • Excellent French, both oral and written;
  • Excellent English, both oral and written;
  • Knowledge of MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook);

The following personal qualities are important:

  • Autonomy and organizational skills;
  • Professionalism and attention to detail;
  • Good interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team;
  • Ability to work with precision and accuracy;
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

Type of position:

Regular – 35 hours/week


Québec City (Sainte-Foy sector) upon taking office with eventual relocation to the First Nation community of Waswanipi.

To apply:

Interested candidates are asked to email their application by noon, July 29, 2020, to

For more information about our organization, please see our website:

Note: Only those candidates who pass our initial screening will be contacted. The Cree-Québec Forestry Board is an equal opportunity employer.