The Cree-Québec Forestry Board (CQFB) is an independent organization set up and funded by the parties who negotiated Chapter 3 (Adapted Forestry Regime) of the Agreement Concerning a New Relationship Between the Gouvernement du Québec and the Crees of Québec (Paix des Braves). The provisions of this chapter establish an Adapted Forestry Regime on Agreement territory, targeting close consultation of the Crees in the various stages of forest activity planning and management. The Board was created by Order-in-Council on September 15, 2003.

The Board is deemed to be a Québec government body, given that the Gouvernement du Québec appoints the majority of its members and covers at least half of its expenditures through the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

The Board is, among other things, subject to the Public Administration Act, the Act respecting contracting by public bodies, the Regulation respecting supply contracts of public bodies, the Archives Act and the Sustainable Development Act.