The Board members guide its actions using the four strategic directions they have agreed on. Since the Board’s creation, these directions have evolved according to the parties’ needs, the context surrounding the Board’s activities, and the Board members’ reflections. Each strategic direction is associated with action priorities to carry out and annual objectives to achieve. Here are the 2020-2025 Strategic Directions:

Strategic Direction 1

Rigorously, objectively and effectively evaluate the implementation and the effectiveness of the forestry chapter of the Agreement, according to a continuous improvement approach.

Strategic Direction 2

Provide support to its members, coordinators and JWG members in order to facilitate their synergy and optimize their contributions for the effective operation of the Agreement.

Strategic Direction 3

Concretely demonstrate the benefits and results of the Agreement’s AFR by improving the Board’s internal and external communications to promote better knowledge, understanding and application of the Agreement’s AFR.

Strategic Direction 4

Ensure flexibility in the operations of the Board and its secretariat relocated in the Territory, in order to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency necessary to meet the requirements of its mandate.