The Adapted Forestry Regime

The Adapted Forestry Regime (AFR) is characterized by adjustments to the Québec Forest Regime (QFR). The AFR has specific provisions in favour of the Crees:

  • preserve or safeguard portions of each basic trapline;
  • protect 1% the sites of specific interest;
  • maintain or improve 25% of forested areas presenting wildlife interest;
  • maintain the forest cover and protect forests adjacent to watercourses;
  • establish concerted action to develop road access networks;
  • encourage trappers’ participation in developing forest management plans;
  • an important schedule (C-4) on the development, consultation and forest plan monitoring processes.

The forest regime gives the Crees access to forestry resources through an annual timber volume. It promotes employment prospects, contracts and partnerships in forest activities.

The Sustainable Forest Development Act (SFDA), which came into effect in Québec on April 1, 2013, requires harmonization between the Adapted Forestry Regime (AFR) applicable on Agreement territory and the Québec Forest Regime (QFR). Although harmonization negotiations between the parties to the Agreement are still under way, the parties have agreed on the main harmonization measures to be applied to the AFR. The parties signed an interim agreement on July 12, 2013, which amends the AFR’s Schedule C-4 and discusses the harmonizations linked to the new forest plan development and finalization mechanisms. Consequently, while waiting for the global agreement to be signed, forest activity continues.