The Adapted Forestry Regime (AFR) is applied on Agreement territory by two distinct mechanisms, as provided for when the Agreement was signed in 2002. They are the Cree-Québec Forest Board (CQFB) and the Joint Working Groups (JWG).

Cree-Québec Forest Board

The Cree-Québec Forest Board (CQFB) is an independent organization created under the Agreement in 2003. (For more information, read the About section)

Joint Working Groups

The Agreement set up the Joint Working Groups (JWG), independent groups composed of four to six members—half represent the Québec party and half, the Cree party. Each of the five Cree communities affected by the Adapted Forestry Regime on Agreement territory has a Joint Working Group. The JWGs work in the field to ensure that Chapter 3 of the Agreement is implemented; their actions occur in a spirit of ongoing improvement. They facilitate joint efforts between forest management planners and the tallymen, help solve everyday problems and conflicts and assist in informing the Minister and the Board on forest planning.

Joint Working Group Coordinators

The Joint Working Group coordinators constitute a third implementation mechanism agreed on by the parties to the Agreement, although they were not provided for when the Agreement was signed in 2002. The parties appointed JWG coordinators mandated to supervise their JWG members in applying the Adapted Forestry Regime and set up fluid links between them. The coordinators play an active role in everyday conflict resolution and inform the parties and the Board about the JWG members’ activities.

Over the years, the coordinators have gradually taken their rightful place. The formalization and details of their mandate, role and responsibilities will be known once the global forest regime harmonization agreement is signed in the context of the implementation of the Sustainable Forest Development Act (SFDA), which came into effect in Québec on April 1, 2013.

Table of JWG members and their respective coordinators

Communities Representatives – MFFP Representatives – Crees
Waswanipi Jacynthe Barrette, Head

Jérémie Poupart-Montpetit
Jean-Sébastien Audet
(Technical Assistance)

Allan Saganash Jr., Head

Georgette Blacksmith
Sydney Ottereyes

Oujé-Bougoumou Pascal Perreault, Head

Aridja Bokenge

Arthur Bosum, Head

Paul Shecapio

Mistissini Pascal Perreault, Head

Aridja Bokenge

Dion Michel, Head

Matthew Longchap

Nemaska Jean-Sébastien Audet, Head

Jérémie Poupart-Montpetit

Matthew Tanoush, Head

Rose Wapachee

Waskaganish Jean-Sébastien Audet, Head

Jérémie Poupart-Montpetit

 Wayne Cheezo, Head

Darryl J. Salt

Coordinators Sabrina Morissette Nicolas Lemieux